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Why do you Write?

Some people don’t understand writers. I don’t really blame them. To non-writers, it’s a mystery how these hermits can stay cooped up in their dinky little apartments, typing or scribbling away for hours on end. My parents don’t get it. They’ve asked me, “What’s the point?” They say it doesn’t do anything.
“Are you writing for some contest?”
“Are you writing for a school assignment?”
“So why do you write?”
I said nothing. I was scared that if I opened my mouth, irreparable damage would destroy the fragile peace that we’ve worked so long to build inside our home. But I did ask myself: Why do I write?
See, it’s a question that anyone who wants to become an author should ask themselves. Before, I wrote because I wanted escape. 2012’s suburbia is the dullest setting anyone could ever ask for. All these movies and TV shows and books told tales of adventure and thrill. Romance, heroes, and fame made introverted bookworms crave that sort of life. So I did what many people do, I immersed myself in my world. Every time I wrote, I wrote so I could live through that character. My main character became who I dreamed of being: witty, humorous, charismatic, smart; his love interest became my dream-girl. His fantasy world of jungle tribes, castles, ancient threats, and fascinating creatures embodied my own desire to find fun and excitement in the world. I wrote for no purpose other than this. All of my fiction works were shallow with weak themes and morals, if any at all. Books like these, while some can make a lot of money (just like how films of this nature can also make a fortune) they are meaningless. Without anything to reveal, without emotion or will or strong beliefs, stories and pieces like this will be forgotten. They may make a million dollars (which is extremely, extremely, rare) but nobody will remember it in a decade. My poems, songs, and raps? Pretty lifeless and dull. They were just like any other month-long pop hit. They were about some girl who fit the general standard of beauty in our society and mostly told her cliches about her sky-blue eyes and flowing blonde hair. My raps weren’t much better than “F the Police” and my poems… gross. Same as before, if you have no core-beliefs and morals than you have nothing to write for.
So why should you write?
Well you don’t write because you want to make a lot of money (Bahahaha good luck with that one!)
You don’t write because you want to appear on Piers Morgan (Again, probably not going to happen).
You don’t write to impress people.
You don’t write just to agree with other people.
If anything, you write despite what they think.
You write to tear down the walls that generations of hatred, war, and stereotypes have built up.
You write to sound the alarm against apathy, greedy, and ignorance.
You write to show the world what really happened on that fateful day in Aleppo, when Assad fired mortars on his own people, when MLK had a dream, when the towers fell.
You write to show that the faces in the ghetto are indeed human beings and not simply drains on welfare.
You write because of your love for your God and savior Jesus Christ or your disdain for the Church’s hypocrisy and corruption.
You write to express yourself. To speak to the world and say, “Hey, we have a problem and we must fix it now!”
You write, not to make the ship look perfect but to reveal that there’s a hole in the ship that’s taking on water. And you might not get featured on Oprah or live life in rich luxury, heck people might even hate you and try to hurt you. But you write so that when it’s your time to depart, you can tell yourself that the world is a little different than when you arrived.
“The difficulty of literature is not to write, but to write what you mean.”
-Robert Louis Stevenson


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